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BragnDrop is our secret weapon. Front-end applications take too long to code. Our rapid application development tool allows developers worldwide to ship front-end application code faster, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

What is Bragndrop?

Brag’n’Drop Editor lets you quickly and easily create single page apps or responsive sites using components from some of the most popular frameworks on the web. We have integrated Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 and Semantic UI 2 frameworks into the editor. Bragndrop also allows you to visually design your AngularJS app. Our plan is to integrate other javascript frameworks into the editor, allowing users to build not only websites & apps but mobile phone apps too!

What Are The Key Features?

The tool sets up the underlying frameworks and codebase of your choice, presenting a drag-and-drop interface. The application allows you to easily apply framework driven actions without writing any code, allowing you to focus more on handling complexities of your front-end application. These are some of the current features in more detail:

  • Bragndrop comes with a built-in Javascript and CSS editor.
  • The current Angular integration simplifies designing your app layout visually.
  • Adding a reference to AngularJS via our CDNJS integration allows you to bind the data to your app.
  • Ability to browse thousands of JavaScript and CSS libraries from¬†, directly from inside the editor.
  • The referencing feature automatically allows you to simply select a file and the editor will automatically add a reference to the file itself.
  • If your project requires a script, simply select the file and the editor will automatically add a reference to the file.