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Client Overview

Macawly is a hr consultancy which helps employees find their calling at work. They help businesses raise performance by aligning core values and motivations within their organisations. Their research-based solution drives satisfaction, commitment, and retention at a workplace.

What did Macawly need

Macawly’s survey is based on 5 years of research where employees and candidates need to categorize a number of cultural values which they feel are important to them. If the consultancy were to scale this digital survey needed to be completed by users. However, the existing online survey was confusing for customers and a large percentage were dropping-off without finishing the survey. If the surveys weren’t completed by Macawley’s users, the report which identifies key areas for improvement for it’s employees could not be generated for the client. This presented an interesting UX challenge for the Hamari Labs team to solve.

How we solved the problem

We kicked off the project with a discovery phase, where we immersed ourselves in Macawley’s business, unearthed the current difficulties and constraints of the digital survey and brainstormed a strategic product roadmap. Having an in depth understanding of the business and the Macawly solution from pre-survey information gathering to the survey constraints and report generation, this laid the foundations of building an effective survey experience. As artificial intelligence have become a popular feature within digital products we decided to replace the previous generic form with a chatbot. We also realised that we could separate the front-end and by building a coded-prototype, test the new survey with real live users to see which features were working or not. Once real life users were satisfied with the product and the majority of them finished the survey. The front-end code was integrated into the existing back-end written in PHP.