The Hamari team encompasses every discipline needed to plan, build and deliver world-class products. Read more to find out how we can add value to your organisation.

Strategy & Management

Product Design

Our designers have the skills to turn your product idea into a magical prototype.
However, other organizations only require product analysis and refinement.

Often with as little as a core idea, our team is able to solve strategic problems which we can then use to formulate a compelling strategy through a research-backed approach.

Market Research

Data is at the heart of all our work, in order to validate ideas and find product market fit, or simply aligning product strategy with market trends and expectations. We have the ability to conduct both primary and secondary research via user testing workshops and focus groups. Previously, we have run user testing workshops with office workers, old-age pensioners and even children. These workshops can bring a diversity of ideas to your product providing invaluable business intelligence helping you to iterate and refine your user experience.

Release Planning

We realise that businesses have looming deadlines and time pressures for releases and because of this release planning is crucial in creating magical products. Our releases can be prioritized for features or deadlines, depending on their relevance. By proposing release plans, we produce important due dates which act as a scoping tool, which can help us to offer fixed price quote, providing greater fiscal oversight.

Customer Needs Analysis

Our framework for deriving customer preferences has been inspired by the Kano Model developed in the 1980’s by Professor Noriaki Kano.
When receiving feedback around customer needs, we score features against our client satisfaction framework.
This allows us to assess user stories ranked in terms of suitability to users, they can be combined with other metrics, for examples budgets, to help come up with deliverables going forward.

Product Design & User Experience

Clickable Prototypes

Clickable prototyping is an ingenious way to mock-up interfaces and test user behaviour and assess weather features should be implemented. Our low-fidelity prototyping is an iterative, lean process allowing us to quickly test, discuss and distill the foundational requirements.

User Interface Design

We aim to enhance our interfaces by leveraging technology to craft intuitive and engaging digital solutions to further enhance our clickable prototypes. By taking into account business requirements, we focus on translating these perspectives on creating a coherent composition for all UI elements and interactions.

User Flows and Service Diagrams

User flow and service diagrams emphasise how different users will move through a digital product.
User flows are typically designed in the form of a flow diagram. These visual representation provides a broad overview for implementation.

Branding & Logo Design

We focus on building a products brand identity. We realise that building a brand is more than creating a logo, choosing a font and thinking of a color scheme. By understanding our clients core vision; we aim to create a consistent ‘look and feel’ by expressing the brand through the products UI and interactions.

Software Development & DevOps

Application Development Services

Our engineering team are proficient in the most sought after technologies such as Javascript, PHP, Java, .Net, iOS, and Android. But most of all, our developers have a breadth of experience across the stack. We believe developers shouldn’t be limited to any one language. Our developers are hired on the basis of being lifelong learners who love solving problems. Our trusted management and amazing teamwork allow us to deliver, quality-assured products.

Test Driven development and Quality assurance

We love test driven development. Unit tests ensure a quality assured approach to coding by means of continual testing, revision and refactoring. This results in a predictable and solid codebase. In addition, every features goes through manual testing to find any issues missed. When assessing whether a feature passes its acceptance criteria, we also make sure the look and feel of the user story fits with the product roadmap.

Codebase auditing and Documentation

Often, applications created by small teams acquire technical debt and poor documentation. Codebase audits have two underlying benefits, firstly they help creating a cleaner codebase, but the greater benefit lies in improving developer productivity. We start with investigating and auditing the codebase thoroughly. We then recommend and suggest ways to improve code quality and tooling. We also produce vital documentation which could be missing.

Infrastructure and DevOps

We believe that continuous integration and delivery not only reduces the time taken to validate and release new software updates, it helps address bugs quicker and improves code quality. In addition to major releases, we provide a DevOps managed service for businesses that run their software in the cloud and we are able to configure, architect and support a complex architecture. We’re experienced with public cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean and we also offer a private hosting service.